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Drum Kits

  • Pearl Masters drum kit, Hover Deck and hardware
  • Yamaha Tour Custom drum kits, Hover Deck and hardware
  • Tama Superstar drum kit, Hover Deck and hardware

Guitar Amps

  • Orange TH30 Thunder Head x 2
  • Orange PPC412 cabs x 2
  • Line 6 Spider IV HD150 Head x 2
  • Hi Watt 50W Head x 3
  • Fender Twin Reverb
  • Lainey guitar head and cab
  • Carlsbro GLX150 guitar amp

Bass Amps

  • Ashdown heads and cabs x 3
  • Lainey bass amp
  • Hi Watt bass amp
  • Mackie Thump 15A speakers


  • Shure, AKG, Rode, Sennheiser, SE Electronics mics and more
  • 3 x Pro Tools 11 control rooms
  • 3 x Live rooms
  • Digidesign Pro Control desk
  • Saffire Liquid Mix interfaces
  • Adam monitors
  • Tannoy monitors
  • Korg midi controller

Pianos / Keyboards

  • Steinbach upright acoustic piano
  • Roland Fantom keyboard
  • Yamaha P35 keyboard
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