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Audio Production

We have been creating audio for clients throughout the world for the last 6 years from Russia to China and the US to the UK. With three professional fitted recording studios we create high-quality audio for any project from audiobook recording, podcast production, sound FX, Folley, audio for games and apps, multimedia, actors reels, ADR for film and TV and much more.

All party experiences are provided by Urban Studios!
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all vouchers will be honoured up to 18 months from date of purchase.

Online Mixing Service

A fresh perspective on your song

Quick turnaround  |  Safe payment

A fresh pair of ears to mix your song!

Get your finished mix delivered within 72 hours!

Our payments are done through PayPal for your peace of mind.

Get your song mixed in just 3 easy steps:

1. Tell us about your project
2. Send us your audio

This is where you send the individual audio tracks for your song. These tracks will usually be “kick,” “snare,” “lead vocal,” “bass,” “guitar.” etc.

Send your audio using WeTransfer (opens in a new tab.)

If the total file size is greater than 2 GB, just send multiple batches.

Send the audio to:

3. Checkout using Paypal
Terms & Conditions

The price stated is for mixing one song.
This does not include any pitch correction, time correction or vocal tuning.
The 72 hour period starts from when we receive a download link to all required audio AND payment has been made (both of these conditions must be met.)
If any changes to the final mix are required, this will be done within 5 days of the request for changes.

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