Don’t know where to start with learning to DJ?

Our DJ Masterclass will teach you to DJ in 4 Hours!

No Equipment Needed

So no outlay, commitment, hassle or cost.  Simply try with our setup.

Lessons Tailored For You

Bespoke to your learning needs.

45 Years of Experience

You will access the best advice available.

Adult DJ Lessons (16 years and over)


4 x 1 Hour Lessons

4 x 1 Hour Lessons

Junior DJ Lessons (Under 16s)


4 x 1 Hour Lessons


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long will it take me to DJ?

A.  You should have a basic understanding within four hours of lessons.

Q.  What equipment do I need?

A. You don’t need any equipment we will provide all DJ setups for your lessons. 

Q. What age can I start lessons?

A. We usually recommend lessons from age 8 upwards. 

Q. Are lessons in classes or one-to-one?

A. All lessons are one-to-one. We can arrange bespoke workshops, and classes upon request. 

Q. Can you help with a DJ set-up?

A. Yes we can help during your lessons advising you on the best set-up suited to you. 

Q. Can you help me to create my own tracks?

A. We run electronic music production lessons for creating your own tracks. 

Q. What levels of lessons do you cover?

A. We run beginner to advanced DJ lessons. 

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