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Ages 5 Upwards.

Richard Hunter:

What I can bring to a lesson:

  • I can bring a fun, relaxed teaching experience that will inspire enjoyment of the music
    the student wishes to play. I will offer students appropriate material and/or backing
    tracks to extend their skills.
  • I can teach a wide variety of genres varying from Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz and Heavy
    Metal. I can also teach various fingering, slapping and tapping techniques to be used
    for the style they enjoy. I can demonstrate how to use those skills for their own bass
    lines and/or compositions.
  • I can demonstrate to pupils how to play professionally with confidence and authority
    in any live situation, but also how to expand the vocabulary of bass lines, theory and
  • I can teach pupils how to read tab and standard notation effectively, and encourage
    the further progression of sight-reading techniques. I have a good range of tuition
    books that will help them study. Teaching levels can be from beginner to intermediate
    and beyond, as I can teach advance concepts for solo bass.

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Purchase Bass Guitar Lesson – £35

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